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The Feng Shui of Kata Rocks

The Feng Shui of Kata Rocks

As soon as you enter the welcoming portals of Kata Rocks you are greeted by the implacable presence of a huge seated meditating Buddha facing out across the beauteous vista of Kata Bay and you‘ll quickly appreciate that you’ve entered a magical realm. As you descend through the clean, white, uber-modern villas towards the breathtaking rocky headland with its infinity pool, restaurant and spa overlooking the dreaming Andaman Sea you are bound to be infused with a feeling of calm and appreciation of this special place.

These human reactions are no accident. Kata Rocks was designed and laid out in harmony with the amazing piece of topography upon which it is situated to follow the ancient Chinese principles of Feng Chui which seek to harmonize the flow of natural energies of space, wind and water with those of the human inhabitants fortunate enough to visit this special place.

Feng Shui, deriving from two Chinese words: feng (wind) and shui (water), takes the approach that your surroundings affect not just your level of material comfort, but also your physical and mental health, your relationships and your worldly success. Feng Shui examines how the placement of things and objects affect the energy flow in your living environment and how these objects interact with and influence your personal energy flow, influencing how you think and act, which in turn affects how well you perform and succeed in your personal and professional life.

Every aspect of Kata Rocks seems to be infused with a positive life-enhancing energy derived from its superb natural environment and the topography of the site and the wonderful views and vistas that seduce the eye at every turn. The air quality is fabulous infused with oxygen, ozone and the tang of sea salt, while the sounds of waves crashing, birds singing and Thai laughter add an auditory Feng Shui boost to your day.

Developer Richard Pope gathered together some of the world’s experts to  ensure that the specific build, style, décor, design and furnishings of the villas and sky lofts were all created to work with the complementary infinity pool, health club and spa, bar, restaurant and other facilities to make your stay at Kata Rocks energizing and enlivening.

Whether you are a lucky owner, or a temporary resident, or visitor at Kata Rocks it’s probably a good idea to sit by the pool one evening watching the westering sun set over the Andaman Sea, sipping a glorious cocktail and offer up a toast to the benefits of Feng Shui.

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