Why the Kata Rocks Pool Brunch is one of the best brunches in Phuket

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Explore Phuket luxury living at Kata Rocks, a multi-award winning 5-star residential resort, offers perfection without compromise.

Why the Kata Rocks Pool Brunch is one of the best brunches in Phuket

A monthly recurring event, the Kata Rocks Pool Brunch welcomes not only in-house guests, but anyone who would like to join this opulent event. I signed up via the website and was looking forward to spending my afternoon at the highly acclaimed Kata Rocks Pool Brunch. Upon entering the luxurious Kata Rocks resort, I was...Read more

Elephant parade

Elephant Parade comes to Kata Rocks

Kata Rocks hosts a Mini Elephant Parade of 7 fabulously decorated 75cm high elephant statues. These colourful, artsy statues are part of a greater Elephant Parade currently taking place in Phuket, which can be visited until 20 August....Read more

Infinite Luxury Spa Manager, Minnara (Mira)

Introducing our new Infinite Luxury Spa Manager

As of the 15th of May, Khun Minnara (Mira) joined our team at the Infinite Luxury Spa as Lifestyle and Wellness Manager at Kata Rocks....Read more

A Day at Kata Rocks

A day at Kata Rocks

What does a typical day at Kata Rocks look like? Here is an example of a day’s experience of our guests staying in Kata Rocks. Waking up in your villa to the amazing view of the Andaman Sea, you can start the day with a morning swim in your private infinity pool. Soak up the...Read more

Phuket Exclusive Excursions

Things not to miss while visiting Phuket

Famous for its beautiful beaches, Phuket is a popular tourist destination in Thailand. Waving palm trees, crystal clear waters, tropical climate, and vibrant nightlife are only a few reasons tourists are flocking to Phuket. With so many attractions to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to start your sightseeing adventure while staying...Read more

Songkran - Thai New Year in Phuket

Songkran – Thai New Year in Phuket

Songkran is an important national holiday in Thailand, it is celebrated from April 13 to April 15. It marks the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year....Read more

In-villa cooking class

In-villa cooking at Kata Rocks

In-villa cooking is a luxury feature exclusively offered to our in-house guests. Once you have checked in to Kata Rocks reception, the driver brings you up to your ocean-front sky pool villa in a buggy. Immediately when you enter the villa, your eye catches the spacious kitchen. All villas in Kata Rocks come with a...Read more

Executive Chef - Andrew Dickie

Unsung Heroes: Executive Chef Andrew Dickie

In this third edition of our series of Unsung Heroes, we proudly introduce you to our Executive Chef Andrew Dickie....Read more

Weddings & Honeymoons at Kata Rocks

Wedding events at Kata Rocks

Arguably being one of the most romantic venues in Phuket, there are not many resorts better laid out and equipped to host dream weddings than Kata Rocks....Read more

Dining on the Rocks

Romantic celebrations at Kata Rocks

This February, “Month of Love” with Valentine’s Day, is also a great time of year to start organising your wedding proposal, wedding celebration or wedding anniversary with your loved one at Kata Rocks. To get inspired, read on for some romantic ideas. Boasting super romantic and spectacular sea & sunset views, a “Dinner on the...Read more

Valentine’s Day Experiences at Kata Rocks

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Kata Rocks

Love is in the air! Arguably, there are not many venues in Phuket that spark off more romantic vibes than Kata Rocks. The spectacular Andaman sea views, sunset, location on the rocks, amazing Valentine’s Day menu and the impeccable service of our Rock Star team all contribute to the ultimate romantic Valentine’s date with your...Read more

Meet our guests_ Cameron and Belinda

Meet our guests: Honeymooners Cameron and Belinda from Australia

Kata Rocks does not only take pride in our fantastic team of Rock Stars, we are fortunate to host many wonderful guests as well....Read more

Summer time at Kata Rocks

Summer time at Kata Rocks

Traditionally, the month of July indicates the beginning of summer vacation in the northern hemisphere and many of you are planning to head out on a summer holiday. With Covid 19 no longer presenting an issue for traveling and all restrictions having been lifted for entering Thailand, there has never been a better time to...Read more

Kata Rocks Day Pass

Kata Rocks Day Pass – Spend the day at Kata Rocks

Kata Rocks has recently relaunched its Day Pass. Anyone who wishes to feel like a VIP for an entire day is more than welcome to spend the day at Kata Rocks. ...Read more

4 Bedroom Sky Pool Villa

Did you know? … The Sky Pool Villas at Kata Rocks

It is probably not a surprise to many of our guests that each of our 34 villas has their own private infinity pool. From the 1 bedroom loft to a 4 bedroom penthouse villa, we have the villa that perfectly suits and accommodates you and your family....Read more

Did you know? … Kata Rocks (facts about Kata Rocks)

Did you know? … Kata Rocks

No matter if you are a returning guest or a new guest to Kata Rocks; you may well be interested in reading some of the lesser known facts about Kata Rocks....Read more

Elephant parade

Kata Rocks Welcomes New Colourful Residents!

fter our successful collaboration with Elephant Parade during the 2019 Kata Rocks Superyacht Rendezvous, we are pleased to announce that we are now the permanent home of seven bright and vibrantly coloured elephant statues....Read more

The KRSR Returns as The Superyacht Event in Asia

The KRSR Returns as The Superyacht Event in Asia

Infinite Luxury in collaboration with Kata Rocks is very proud to again host the KRSR and bring back some of the world’s most iconic superyacht brands to Phuket...Read more

Luxury Hunt Releases ‘100 Best’ Book featuring Kata Rocks

Kata Rocks features prominently in Luxury Hunt's first edition book, '100 Best', that is poised for global release on 21 April 2017...Read more


Cigar Connoisseurs Dinner

Enjoy exclusive cigars together with a gourmet Kata Rocks five-course dinner in the Wine Cellar starting from 6:00pm, with a welcome cocktail to kick off the event. Seating at the cigar-infused feast is very limited and priced at THB 4,900 net per person, includes 2 exclusive cigars, dinner and welcome cocktail...Read more

The Spirit of Kata Rocks Gin Wins Double Gold at CWSA the most influential wine and spirits awards in the world

The Spirit of Kata Rocks Gin Wins Double Gold at CWSA the most influential wine and spirits awards in the world

Kata Rocks and its recently launched gin won a Double Gold medal at the China Wine and Spirits Awards (CWSA), the leading wine and spirits competition in Hong Kong and China...Read more

Kata Rocks Year in Review 2015

Kata Rocks Year in Review 2015

It’s been an eventful award filled year for Kata Rocks in 2015. As we reflect back on this year and look forward to 2016, we see great things for Kata Rocks as it continues its mission to be Thailand’s best luxury resort. Kata Rocks takes great pride in its incredible achievement of receiving...Read more

Kata Rocks Festive Season - Dining News & Events

Go ‘bongos’ for Phuket’s best Sunday brunch at Kata Rocks

Sunday brunch is probably the finest meal on the planet. And we believe few things in life are better than Phuket’s best Sunday brunch at Kata Rocks, enjoyed next to the luxury residential resort’s splendid 35-metre swimming pool. Kata Rocks redefines Phuket luxury living in so many ways, and its luxury Sunday brunch...Read more

Phuket’s Best Sunset Bar

Phuket’s Best Sunset Bar

Kata Rocks offers a stunning seaside location to enjoy a sunset cocktail with someone special. So what does 180-degrees of oceanfront panorama do for your sunset drinks you might ask? It pretty much turns every evening into a romantic event that could last a lifetime. Kata Rocks Bar and Restaurant...Read more

Top 3 Treatments at Infinite Luxury Spa - Infinite Luxury Spa - Treatments

Top 3 Treatments at Infinite Luxury Spa

There is no better time than now to treat yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment at our award-winning Infinite Luxury Spa. Our highly trained therapists have a minimum of two-year’s experience and are massage certified in addition to passing a series of in-house Kata Rocks tests (service, massage knowledge ect)...Read more

Phuket's Most Romantic Dining Experience

Phuket’s Most Romantic Dining Experience

When you visit Kata Rocks, make sure you bring your appetite. You are destine to find a feast that fits your mood – from delicious tapas to fresh local seafood, from authentic Mediterranean fare to refined Thai flavours, from elegant main courses to divine desserts. The resort’s restaurant is renowned for spectacular sunsets...Read more

Two-bedroom Sky Pool Villas - Phuket Luxury Living - Phuket’s Best Property Investment | Kata Rocks

Kata Rocks: Phuket’s Best Property Investment

Kata Rocks offers an outstanding investment opportunity in a multi-award winning 5-star residential resort that combines cutting-edge design and its unique location at Kata Beach. While enjoying Kata Rocks guests might think, can we do this more often? According to Kata Rocks Sales Director Brendon Collins...Read more

Experience Thai Cooking Class - Thai Cooking School

Kata Rocks Thai Cooking School

What sets Kata Rocks apart from other Thai cooking schools in Phuket is its ‘classroom’ setting. Our Thai Cooking School is held in an oceanfront Sky Villa, equipped with a state-of-the-art Italian kitchen (including modern De Dietrich and Siemens’ appliances), that offers fantastic ocean views of the Andaman Sea...Read more

Kata Rocks Sky Villa Barbeque

Kata Rocks Sky Villa Barbeque

Luxurious, chic and delightfully modern in every way, Kata Rocks is the most sought after address in Phuket's hip and happening beach resort of Kata. Besides redefining Phuket luxury living, Kata Rocks also offers the perfect Sky Villa in-house barbeque experience. It allows guests to chilled out and enjoy a meal...Read more

Kata Rocks Phuket - Feng Shui

The Feng Shui of Kata Rocks

As soon as you enter the welcoming portals of Kata Rocks you are greeted by the implacable presence of a huge seated meditating Buddha facing out across the beauteous vista of Kata Bay and you‘ll quickly appreciate that you’ve entered a magical realm. As you descend through the clean, white, uber-modern villas towards the breathtaking...Read more

IHA 2014 in London

Kata Rocks goes 8 for 8 at IHA 2014 in London

All of awards season has led up to this: The International Hotel Awards (IHA) winners were announced Monday evening, January 26 in London. Yes people, while the entire world held its breath waiting to see who would be nominated for the Academy Awards and ‘Oscar’ glory, Kata Rocks won eight awards at IHA 2014...Read more

Specialist - Yoga at Kata Rocks Phuket

Yoga at Kata Rocks Phuket

By Barry Daniel The practice of yoga is undergoing a global boom these days and maybe that’s not surprising with all the bad news and stress there seems to be out there. We all need an escape route back to inner relaxation, harmony and balance and both Kata Rocks and yoga practice are very well equipped to provide that salvation...Read more

Two-bedroom Sky Pool Villas - Phuket Luxury Living - Phuket’s Best Property Investment | Kata Rocks

Phuket Luxury Living at Kata Rocks

Any day at Kata Rocks, the newest member of the Phuket luxury villas club, is filled with infinite possibilities. We think it is up to each individual guest to discover the endless options that are available at this unique six-star luxury resort and residence. Kata Rocks is setting a new benchmark on Phuket...Read more

Four-bedroom Sky Pool Villa Penthouse

Top 5 Reasons James Bond Stays at Kata Rocks

Kata Rocks, Phuket’s premier luxury resort and residence, would love to welcome James Bond (or the actor Daniel Craig for that matter) to the resort. While he has yet to officially make a reservation, we know he would love to stay at Kata Rocks and experience the resort’s unique brand of six-star Phuket luxury living...Read more

Holiday Deals Phuket | Family Vacation | Kata Rocks Resort

Phuket Family Life – Better than an Endless Holiday

Imagine being born to a Phuket family: growing-up on a paradise tropical island surrounded by nature. Picnicking at a different view point each holiday. Your childhood is filled with surfing, sailing and snorkelling. You enjoy scuba diving, excursions to neighbouring islands, and treks on elephants or horses. You also love national park waterfalls and pristine beaches...Read more

Top Three Reasons to Retire in Phuket

Top Three Reasons to Retire in Phuket

To retire in Phuket, Thailand’s tropical paradise island, would be a dream come true for many. While it can be very affordable to do so, those who have a bit more saved and want to experience true Phuket luxury living can live in grand style. Here are a few reasons how...Read more

Kata Rocks Thai Hospitality - Thai Smile

Service with a Thai smile

Thailand is well known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ for the way the locals seem to approach even the most difficult situation with a broad grin. A Thai smile is used to express everything from pleasure to embarrassment, and it is a charming default gesture for a nation to embrace. And a big smile certainly...Read more

What is Thai Massage Actually All About? - Infinite Luxury Spa - Treatments

What is Thai Massage Actually All About?

What is Thai Massage? An ancient healing art and science. The question of “What is Thai Massage?” is not uncommon, because it is unlike any other type of treatment in the world. Drawing from China and especially India, Thailand has a rich history of healing which is unique in its own right...Read more

Kata Rocks Valentine’s Experience - Ultimate Valentine's Experience - Phuket Wedding

Phuket Wedding – Tying the Knot at Kata Rocks

We all know that Phuket is well established as one of Thailand’s most romantic and inspiring locations for celebrating weddings and honeymoons. Thousands of happy couples have already ‘tied the knot’, as the saying goes, and enjoyed a fabulous experience when married on this tropical island...Read more

Contemporary Smart Kitchens Redefine Modern Luxury

Contemporary Smart Kitchens Redefine Modern Luxury

Modern designer kitchens are filled with digital devices. They have become elegant, attractive and now intelligent and interactive. More than ever, smart kitchens built with industrial research make home-style cooking a true pleasure. Nowhere is that innovation-revolution more present, than in work of the Italian Pininfarina family...Read more

International Luxury Design: Handcrafted Eggshell Countertops

International Luxury Design: Handcrafted Eggshell Countertops

Skilled craftsmen recently completed three bespoke bar tops for Kata Rocks, the award-winning luxury resort in Phuket, Thailand which is built as a flagship of international luxury design. Measuring 14 metres in total, pieces were created at workshops in the Great Karoo desert of South Africa...Read more

Wine Cellar - Enomatic Wine Machine

Introducing the Enomatic Wine Dispenser in Phuket

For the wine experience of a lifetime, a perfect day’s sun slips into the sea at Kata Rocks Resort as you sit ocean-side. Your new gadget is the enomatic wine dispenser; a type of robot for uncorking, preserving and measurably decanting wine. The word enomatic etymologically derives “eno-” from vino, while “–matic” refers to automation...Read more

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