The Vegetarian Festival in Phuket

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The Vegetarian Festival in Phuket

The Vegetarian Festival in Phuket

Unique in its kind, the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket will be held from 15-24 October this year. It is easily one of the most popular and remarkable festivals in Phuket. ...Read more

Sunday walking street market in Phuket Town

Better known to locals as: ‘Lard Yai Market’, this Sunday walking street market is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Phuket Town and well worth a visit. Nestled in the heart of the historical part of Phuket Town, you can visit this market every Sunday from 4 pm to 9 pm (and often...Read more

Temples in Thailand – A little background information

A popular sight seeing trip for our Kata Rocks guests in Phuket is to visit the Thai temples. Temples or ‘wats’ play a significant role in Thai culture and tradition, dating back to the ancient times of the Khmer Empire. These originally served as religious centres and were built to honour and pay tribute to...Read more

A Day at Kata Rocks

A day at Kata Rocks

What does a typical day at Kata Rocks look like? Here is an example of a day’s experience of our guests staying in Kata Rocks. Waking up in your villa to the amazing view of the Andaman Sea, you can start the day with a morning swim in your private infinity pool. Soak up the...Read more

Phuket Exclusive Excursions

Things not to miss while visiting Phuket

Famous for its beautiful beaches, Phuket is a popular tourist destination in Thailand. Waving palm trees, crystal clear waters, tropical climate, and vibrant nightlife are only a few reasons tourists are flocking to Phuket. With so many attractions to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to start your sightseeing adventure while staying...Read more

Songkran - Thai New Year in Phuket

Songkran – Thai New Year in Phuket

Songkran is an important national holiday in Thailand, it is celebrated from April 13 to April 15. It marks the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year....Read more

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year – A little history

Thailand is currently gearing up for the Chinese New Year (CNY), which starts on 22 January 2023. Also known as the Spring Festival, It is the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar. This year is the ‘Year of the Rabbit’. CNY is one of the most important holidays in Chinese...Read more

Colourful Phuket Vegetarian Festival

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival

One of the most popular and remarkable festivals in Phuket, the Vegetarian Festival is one not to be missed when you find yourself on the island in September. Originating from Taoism in China, this annual 9-day festival on the 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar involves not only refraining from eating meat but also...Read more

More Healthy Cafes in Rawai & Chalong

More Healthy Cafes in Rawai & Chalong

Rawai and Chalong are becoming the vegan & health food hubs of Phuket. A new generation of boutique eateries are committed to quality & diverse menu options...Read more

Festive Celebrations 2017

Celebrate the 2017 Festive Season with Kata Rocks Phuket

It is never too early to make your Festive Season 2017/2018 plans at Kata Rocks. The resort is proud to announce its outstanding lineup of events, starting on Christmas Eve...Read more

The KRSR Returns as The Superyacht Event in Asia

The KRSR Returns as The Superyacht Event in Asia

Infinite Luxury in collaboration with Kata Rocks is very proud to again host the KRSR and bring back some of the world’s most iconic superyacht brands to Phuket...Read more

Best beach clubs in Phuket, Café del Mar Phuket

Best beach clubs in Phuket

Phuket's beach club scene is alive and well. There was a time when beach clubs where flourishing near almost every strip of sand and the now quite Surin Beach was where it all began...Read more

Healthy Cafes Restaurants in Phuket

The 5 Best Healthy Cafes Restaurants in Phuket

Phuket is known for its healthy lifestyle, here are our suggestions for the 5 Best Healthy Cafes and Restaurants in the southern part of the island...Read more

Phuket's Top 3 Islands For Snorkeling - Exploring The Andaman - RIB Cruise Experience

Phuket’s Top 3 Islands for Snorkeling

Enjoy a perfect day out cruising the world famous islands of the Andaman Sea with your loved ones, family or friends. Visit Phuket’s top offshore islands and snorkel near the beach to experience untold underwater marine beauty with our ‘Andaman Sea Rib Cruise Experience’ by Kata Rocks. It is the ultimate in personal island hoping adventure...Read more

Phuket Old Town - Phuket Town Sino-Portuguese Architecture

Phuket Town Sino-Portuguese Architecture Tour

Are you looking for a good cloudy day tour in Phuket? Then look no further than the must do half-day tour of Phuket Town, a self-guided walk through the old part of town around Thalang, Dibuk and Krabi Roads. The beautiful Sino-Portuguese architecture in these timeless enclaves harks back to the charm of a century ago...Read more

Villa BBQ

A Fish Story: Rawai Seafood Market

Anyone who has a passion for fishing has a story to match; the one that gets away is always the largest fish ever. In Phuket Rawai Seafood Market is the best place to find real seafood, real fresh and you don’t have to catch it. Plus no one is going to tell you...Read more

Maikhao beach - Top 3 Secret Beaches In Phuket

Top 3 ‘Secret’ Beaches in Phuket

Phuket is one of Thailand’s best known beach destinations where almost every nook and cranny has been explored and probably covered by the media or on social networks. So when we say ‘secret’ it is with tongue firmly planted in cheek, however our top three beaches...Read more

Specialist - Yoga at Kata Rocks Phuket

Yoga at Kata Rocks Phuket

By Barry Daniel The practice of yoga is undergoing a global boom these days and maybe that’s not surprising with all the bad news and stress there seems to be out there. We all need an escape route back to inner relaxation, harmony and balance and both Kata Rocks and yoga practice are very well equipped to provide that salvation...Read more

Holiday Deals Phuket | Family Vacation | Kata Rocks Resort

Phuket Family Life – Better than an Endless Holiday

Imagine being born to a Phuket family: growing-up on a paradise tropical island surrounded by nature. Picnicking at a different view point each holiday. Your childhood is filled with surfing, sailing and snorkelling. You enjoy scuba diving, excursions to neighbouring islands, and treks on elephants or horses. You also love national park waterfalls and pristine beaches...Read more

Top Three Reasons to Retire in Phuket

Top Three Reasons to Retire in Phuket

To retire in Phuket, Thailand’s tropical paradise island, would be a dream come true for many. While it can be very affordable to do so, those who have a bit more saved and want to experience true Phuket luxury living can live in grand style. Here are a few reasons how...Read more

Kata Rocks Thai Hospitality - Thai Smile

Service with a Thai smile

Thailand is well known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ for the way the locals seem to approach even the most difficult situation with a broad grin. A Thai smile is used to express everything from pleasure to embarrassment, and it is a charming default gesture for a nation to embrace. And a big smile certainly...Read more

Kata Rocks Valentine’s Experience - Ultimate Valentine's Experience - Phuket Wedding

Phuket Wedding – Tying the Knot at Kata Rocks

We all know that Phuket is well established as one of Thailand’s most romantic and inspiring locations for celebrating weddings and honeymoons. Thousands of happy couples have already ‘tied the knot’, as the saying goes, and enjoyed a fabulous experience when married on this tropical island...Read more

Phuket Weather and Best Times to Visit: Ten Facts

Phuket Weather and Best Times to Visit: Ten Facts

Phuket Weather Forecasts Influence Best Times to Visit Thailand 1. The most popular time to visit is Phuket’s dry season, from November to April. During this time of year, travelers are generally assured Phuket weather forecasts of clear blue skies. There is little rain, it is hot but not blazing. 2. The less visited time...Read more

Phuket’s Old Town Sunday Market

Phuket’s Old Town Sunday Market

The beauty of international luxury living is sometimes found in the most unexpected places. Take for example, a new Sunday evening walking market in the historic Phuket Old Town. For those in-the-know, it provides an ideal opportunity to savor authentic local culture, cuisine and arts – at little cost and as a local would...Read more

Phuket Surf Season

Phuket Surf Season

Asia’s top tropical island usually plays host to global travelers during high season from November to April. High season is the ideal time for sitting on a beach all day, when merely 12% cloud cover makes for an ultra hot sun and the ocean is flat. Phuket surf season is a somewhat different experience...Read more

What are the King and Queen of Fruits? Thailand's Durian and Mangosteen.

What are the King and Queen of Fruits? Thailand’s Durian and Mangosteen

The Kingdom of Thailand is blessed with bountiful fruit harvests. Few countries on Earth enjoy such a wide selection of unique tropical yields. Upon first arriving anywhere in the country, a must-have and dazzling experience is found at the local fresh market or roadside fruit stand...Read more

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