• Executive Chef - Andrew Dickie

Unsung Heroes: Executive Chef Andrew Dickie

Unsung Heroes: Executive Chef Andrew Dickie

In this third edition of our series of Unsung Heroes, we proudly introduce you to our Executive Chef Andrew Dickie.

Andrew joined the culinary team at Kata Rocks in January of 2020. After attending a luxury food tasting during the 2019 edition of the Kata Rocks Superyacht Rendezvous, he became duly impressed with the potential to make his mark.

Having previously sharpened his chef skills with 5 star hotels around the world, most recently in Bangkok and Manila, Andrew brought to the team a heap of experience in preparing luxury culinary experiences for the Kata Rocks guests.

Andrew was off to a bit of a rocky start once Covid 19 hit Phuket shortly after he started this new step in his career. As a result, he saw his kitchen team diminish as some of his team members had to relocate back to their provinces to take care of their families. Fast forward to the post-Covid era, things have improved significantly while Andrew is currently well on the way to fully building his team back up again. The Clubhouse restaurant visits have skyrocketed from 40 guests per day during Covid times to 200 guests per day over the last two months.

One of the aspects of his job he enjoys most is to source the best ingredients in order to create new menu items; chefs are very creative people. Andrew very much enjoys working with his team of culinary Rock Stars, as well as with the suppliers of the kitchen produce. In his ideal world he would like to have a tad more working space as the kitchen is slowly outgrowing its capacity.

On your next visit to Kata Rocks, do not forget to say hello to Andrew and his culinary Rock Star team! Book your appointment here: dining@katarocks.com.

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