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  • Infinite Luxury Spa, phuket’s leading cutting edge health and beauty centre
  • phuket’s leading cutting edge health and beauty centre
  • Infinite luxury spa, phuket’s leading cutting edge health and beauty centre
  • Energy pod, phuket’s leading cutting edge health and beauty centre
  • Spa skin, phuket’s leading cutting edge health and beauty centre

Total relaxation at the Infinite luxury spa, phuket’s leading cutting edge health and beauty centre

Total relaxation at the Infinite luxury spa, phuket’s leading cutting edge health and beauty centre

Kata Rocks offers guests a host of relaxation and sleep inducing treatments at the award-winning Infinite Luxury Spa.

When we visit an exotic destination for a well-deserved breather, many of us hope to de-stress, relax and catch up on some much needed sleep. The demands of a 24/7 society mean that we are constantly busy, often stressed and it can be extremely difficult to switch off. Taking time out for ourselves in a beautiful location where experts are on-hand to attend to your every need is the perfect opportunity to truly unwind and restore our minds and bodies.

Kata Rocks warmly welcomes guests to relax, re-energise and enjoy the exquisite five-star facilities on offer at this luxury world-class resort. And the best place to begin your journey to complete relaxation is by visiting the multiple-award-winning Infinite Luxury Spa. This stunning wellness sanctuary offers everything you could wish for to enable you to relax and luxuriate in the magnificent setting of Phuket’s Andaman Sea.

The impeccable service and signature Thai hospitality that infuses Kata Rocks can certainly be experienced in the Infinite Luxury Spa. The spa menu is a delicious profusion of carefully curated facials and body treatments with highly skilled therapists using organic ILA products and following the spa’s ‘Me-Time’ philosophy. Bespoke holistic programmes provide the ultimate pampering experience while the chromotherapy and water bed rooms and the cutting-edge Metronap energy pod demonstrate the very latest in technology and innovation. Tailored sessions with visiting holistic consultants, including experts in yoga, fitness and wellness, are also on offer, bringing personalised and specialist care to guests at this luxury spa.

The spa menu is broadly segmented into four themes – Uniquely Thai, Youthful Ageing, Detox and Cleansing, and Rest & Recovery, which offers seven soothing and extraordinary experiences. Each one is skilfully designed to ensure you de-stress and unwind and go into a state of deep relaxation, perfect for an intense and restorative sleep. The ability to relax and enjoy quality sleep is vital to physical health and emotional wellbeing.

The Rest & Recovery menu selection includes the BESPOKE DREAMTIME EXPERIENCE. This soporific treatment lasts for 150 minutes and draws on pure essential oils including sweet almond, vetiver, lavender and patchouli. Based on the knowledge that cells repair more quickly during rest, it incorporates a slow rhythmic body treatment and soothing facial to promote relaxation, while cellular-rejuvenating ingredients such as royal jelly and orange blossom, set to work. Marma massage and chakra healing relax the nervous system, gently restoring the natural rhythm of restorative sleep.

Fatigue of the adrenal glands is common when you are stressed and burnt out. These glands produce important hormones for regulating how we handle stress and illness, and also contribute to how well we sleep. The ADRENO RESTORE TREATMENT is a two hour strengthening therapy using adaptogenic ingredients in a targeted scrub and wrap which will maintain the adrenal function at optimum level. Warmed naturopathic adrenal packs are used to direct the healing benefits of pure essential oils, such as vetiver, pine and cedar wood, to where they are needed. A soothing Ku Nye massage ensures you sink into a deep, healing rest.

The ground-breaking ENERGY POD is an exciting and innovative addition to the Infinite Luxury Spa. Slide into the state-of-the-art chair and allow yourself be lulled to sleep by soothing psychoacoustics. While you experience the zero-gravity sleeping position, a therapist applies gentle acupressure zone treatment to your feet ensuring you feel completely relaxed. And if you’re feeling exhausted from your journey, this therapy can also be used as part of a bespoke treatment package to support recovery from jet lag.

There are several other treatments that aid relaxation and sleep which are also highly recommended. The INFINITE LUXURY SPA SIGNATURE RITUAL calms the body and soul and is a blessing unique to Kata Rocks. It combines the ritual of the purifying sacred Tibetan singing bowl with a chakra balancing massage that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed. A gift of the blessed healing stone is presented to you, to remind you of the Buddha footprint at Kata Rocks, the place to heal the soul.

The SENSE OF THAI AROMA treatment is another favourite with guests seeking deep relaxation. The ‘Siam Spice’ massage oil incorporates lavender to alleviate stress and improve sleep, while long, smooth, slow strokes are used to release tension, relax the mind and bring a profound sense of calm.

An additional relaxing and sleep inducing treatment worth mentioning is the SENSO EXPERIENCE, which is the first of its kind in Thailand. Combining light therapy with the soothing sensation of lying on an Italian-made waterbed has to be one of the most relaxing experiences in the world. The waterbed pockets are filled with warm, comforting water so it feels like you are floating on a bed of warm gel while the calming soft lighting gives you a feeling of complete bliss.

The extensive choice of indulgent treatments and therapies on offer at the Infinite Luxury Spa is breathtaking. Coupled with the dedication of the attentive therapists who ensure that each guest is given a unique experience tailored to their individual needs, you may be forgiven for not wanting to return to your villa or residence.

However, your journey to a good night’s sleep is not over yet. Once you have completed your relaxing spa treatments for the day, why not spend some contemplative quiet time on the tropical relaxation patio. This is the perfect haven for sipping a cup of complementary herbal tea while you absorb the sensation of complete calm and relaxation.

You will be so relaxed from your spa experience that it will take all your energy to drift back to your sky villa for a well-earned rest. As with everything at Kata Rocks, the attention to detail given to the quality and comfort of the contemporary furnishings in your villa, is second to none.

The pocket sprung beds are designed for supreme comfort and support while the crisp yet soft 300 thread count cotton sheets and the duck down duvets and pillows will help you drop off into a deep slumber. Sink into your luxurious bed, rest your thoroughly pampered body and mind, and enjoy the best sleep of your life.

To the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders – LAO TZU

The Infinite Luxury Spa is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. Please call +66 (0)76 370 777 or email reservations@katarocks.com to make your booking.

This is a guest blog feature by renowned wellness travel writer Suzy Pope – for more information, please visit https://suzypope.com

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