• Weddings & Honeymoons at Kata Rocks

The most romantic proposal and wedding venue in Phuket

The most romantic proposal and wedding venue in Phuket

Romance and Kata Rocks go hand in hand. Anyone who has ever visited the resort can vouch for its unique location, stunning ocean view, tropical surroundings, and the romantic atmosphere. In short, it would be challenging to find a more romantic venue for your marriage proposal or wedding celebration in Phuket.

What makes Kata Rocks so romantic?

A unique combination of key factors makes Kata Rocks the ultimate proposal and wedding venue:

  • The location

Kata Rocks’ idyllic, very photogenic setting of rocky shores right by the ocean facing west where the sun drops into the sea every sunset. A jaw-droppingly beautiful natural spectacle on a daily basis.

  • The resort

The design of Kata Rocks is modern but fits in perfectly with its surroundings. The original granite rock boulders are prominently on display and have been fully incorporated in the resort’s architecture and landscaping. The vegetation in the resort is green and lush with lots of flowers, providing a delightful tropical aroma and atmosphere.

  • The pool villas

No matter which of the 34 well appointed villas you may choose for your special day, each of them has a private infinity pool looking out over the Andaman Sea. Imagine sipping a cocktail there with your dearest… Or indulge in a Floating Breakfast for two, served right in your private pool. Now that is a perfect start of a romantic day!

  • Dining on the Rocks

Surprise your loved one with a romantic private dinner on the rocky shores of Kata in the most beautiful décor nature can provide. Guaranteed one of the best surprises ever! Dining on the Rocks can be booked by in-house guests as well as visiting guests.

  • The Infinite Luxury Spa

Don’t miss the Shiva Shakti ritual at the Kata Rocks’ in-house Infinite Luxury Spa. It deepens the spiritual and emotional connection to your partner. This ritual is specifically directed at couples, who can experience this together to establish a beautiful connection of both minds, bodies and spirits.

To summarise, Kata Rocks is the most romantic venue to propose to your loved one or to celebrate your wedding and honeymoon. Our Rock Star team will tailor the event entirely to your wishes and always goes the extra mile to ensure it will be the best time of your life.

Contact Kata Rocks with your preferred date or with any questions you may have: reservations@katarocks.com.

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