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Introducing the Enomatic Wine Dispenser in Phuket

Introducing the Enomatic Wine Dispenser in Phuket

For the wine experience of a lifetime, a perfect day’s sun slips into the sea at Kata Rocks Resort as you sit ocean-side. Your new gadget is the enomatic wine dispenser; a type of robot for uncorking, preserving and measurably decanting wine.

The word enomatic etymologically derives “eno-” from vino, while “–matic” refers to automation.

With this state-of-the-art gadget, we can now uncork and decant bottles while preserving (by inert gas) their freshness or “organoleptic integrity” for up to 24 days: taste, aroma, body, and color.

Acclaimed as the world’s best wine-serving system, The Enomatic Dispenser lets guests enjoy wine as they prefer; and it permits Kata Rocks to offer an astounding 24 wines a la taste, glass or bottle.

With a prestigious selection up to the Château Lafite Rothschild, wine cognoscenti can now enjoy the quantity and quality of their choosing, by hand or with the assistance of your butler – any time.

To enjoy your wine in limitless luxury and convenience at Phuket Island, visit the award-winning Kata Rocks Resort and Residences oceanfront bar and restaurant.

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