Kata Rocks Blessing Ritual

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Kata Rocks Blessing Ritual

A signature Infinite Luxury Spa innovation, the Kata Rocks Blessing is an indulging combination of the healing stone blessing and the purifying ritual by sacred signing bowl to uplift the senses. The Chakra Balancing Massage is followed to complement the purifying treat and leave you in a state of deep relaxation......Read more

Spa 12

Siam Classic

A traditional Thai solution for those seeking relief from fatigue of both body and mind. The treatment commences with a traditional 90-minute Thai Massage, combining gentle stretching with rhythmic massaging and compressions, aimed at harmonizing energy flow and revitalizing the body......Read more

Spa & Wellness - Energy Pod

Energy Pod

Escape the bustling world and step into a realm of profound relaxation with the Energy Pod. This innovative pod envelops you in comfort, inviting a brief yet rejuvenating rest. Lulled into slumber by soothing sounds, you recline into an optimal position before our therapist administers foot zone therapy......Read more

Kata Rocks Phuket facial treatment for woman

Marine flora immersion

This stimulating facial unites nutrient-dense marine elements and nerve point therapy to remove waste build-up and encourage rapid repair of damaged or dehydrated skin. Sea lettuce detoxifies and boosts the lymphatic system, whilst......Read more

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