The Kata Rocks Sky Villas are set on an incredible oceanfront site, where guests will revel in a spectacular hillside setting and west-facing view across the Andaman Sea. Ranging in size from one to four bedrooms, each Sky Villas boasts its own private infinity-pool, and offers an expansive indoor/outdoor living area.

Offering the intimacy of a boutique villa with the easy comfort of a major resort hotel, Kata Rocks is an equally attractive place for resort guests, as it is for resident Sky Villa owners.

The Sky Villas each comprise a large dining and living area, served by a well-designed and fully-functional kitchen – though the resort cuisine-team provides lavishly for every gastronomic desire. The bedrooms and bathrooms are a balance of form and function, and the latest interactive iPad technology allows guests to control the world of the Sky Villa through their fingertips.

While the Sky Villas offer great privacy and intimacy, the whole property is equipped with generous and welcoming facilities – including an oceanfront restaurant, fabulous bar and a thirty-five meter lap pool, only a stone’s throw from the sea. Topping-off the fantastic facilities is a profoundly holistic wellness & spa concept, and a cutting-edge fitness center.



For the “soft opening” period, from March 1st 2014 until October 31st 2014, Kata Rocks is offering 20% discount on published rates, in conjunction with complimentary airport transfers.

Kata Rocks extends the guarantee of offering the best value to guests who book directly with the resort. Contact us at to enquire about available packages and special offers.



Kata Rocks is a successful resort and residential project by Infinite Luxury; a property-development and resort-management company led by CEO, Richard Pope. Richard has spent more than 25-years developing and managing a number of highly successful construction and real-estate companies; initially in some of London’s most prosperous areas, and more recently with Kata Rocks in Phuket.

Over the past 5-years, Richard Pope has built a strong organization of professionals and specialists from a variety of industry sectors, including: design & construction, real-estate development & sales, marketing, resort operations & luxury property management. During this time, the Kata Rocks property has won numerous awards at the prestigious International Property Awards – including: Best Apartment in the World and Best Development Marketing in the World.

Kata Rocks is a very attractive opportunity for investors in lifestyle and real-estate prospectors. Enquiries are welcome; to request more information, or for immediate viewing, please contact our sales team on +66 (0)8 053 33330 – or email



Kata Rocks is an award-winning residence and luxury resort, located in one of Phuket’s most exclusive areas: Kata Point – a promontory between two of Phuket’s finest beaches. Each of the 34-Sky Villas is crowned with its own infinity swimming pool, and offers lavish indoor/outdoor living. These stunning Sky Villas offer absolute privacy, an exceptional oceanfront vantage, innovative technology and outstanding personalized service.

Visualize each night, going to sleep with the sound of the nearby waves and the smell of the ocean; while day-breaks with a grand view of the sea, the rocks and the clean-lines of the resort – akin to the epic design of a magnificent Superyacht.

Kata Rocks Sky Villas are currently available for purchase for those interested in property investment in Thailand and living in Phuket – a lifestyle, and a fulfilled dream.

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As a luxury seaside resort property, Kata Rocks has been designed to take advantage of the natural slope of the land; providing uninterrupted views and a distinctive and mesmerizing nautical feeling that transcends many of the top resorts in Phuket.

Life in this exclusive oceanfront resort is an irresistible experience – with sea views across Phuket that are marked by the ebb and flow of the tide; the fascination of watching Thai fisherman out to make their catch; traditional longtail boats, taking travelers for an exploration along the coast; rosy dawns; fiery sunsets, and an ocean that is ever changing.

The sheer beauty and splendor of the Andaman Sea around Kata Rocks reveals a Zen-like essence, as soothing as any of the best beach resorts in Thailand.



As the winner of many major international property awards, Kata Rocks is amongst the most prominent and exclusive villas in Phuket.

As a five-star boutique resort, Kata Rocks offers a secluded and exclusive environment – a true holiday escape. Private, secure and intimate, Kata Rocks delivers a lifestyle experience that is as inclusive as it is exclusive. Where everything is available at the touch of a button [almost everything in the Sky Villas can be controlled by your iPad] and where all your needs are attended to by our private villa-staff; for instance, our cuisine team preparing a dining event in your residence, or spa therapists for an in-room massage.

The Kata Rocks experience offers the intimacy of a boutique villa with the easy comfort of a major resort hotel.



Kata Rocks is a hip, contemporary and unique designer resort – created for our sophisticated owners and awesome guests by some of the world’s foremost designers.

Each Sky Villa offers a spacious and merged indoor/outdoor area, with between 134 sqm (Ocean Loft) and 460 sqm (Club Penthouse) of living space.

Dining areas and living-rooms are positioned with full sea-views, and an elegant infinity-pool extends the width of each villa.

Bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms are all designed to perfection and make use of cutting-edge technology throughout.

Rainy days in Phuket may be spent in your villa, with a selection of thousands of options in music, movies and games; all available through the touch of an iPad. The whole of this designer resort is completely attuned to the latest gadgetry and technological advances.


This Phuket restaurant is about clean, fresh, wholesome food, which undergoes very little processing and retains its essential flavors, tastes and characteristics. Real, unprocessed ingredients, flavors that excite and combinations that have people bursting with praise. State-of-the-art modern interiors, nestled alongside an oceanfront pool and stunning views of the Andaman Sea. The perfect backdrop to great times, sharing delicious food among friends.

Kata Rocks cuisine will be beautifully presented, simple, quality grilled meats and seafood. There will be plates, platters and side-dishes to share alongside a stunning selection of key ingredients – perfect for bringing people together through food.

The restaurant team at Kata Rocks create stunning combinations, which are perfectly prepared. This stylish restaurant breathes elegant simplicity: complimenting amazing ingredients with wholesome cooking methods, served by bright and gracious staff, to guests that will connect throughout this unique dining experience.

Raising a challenge to some of the best restaurants in Thailand, we use food that is friendly to the environment; we will recognize suppliers that value sustainable methods of cultivation and handling. A key motivation is on supporting local food producers and ensuring that the food doesn’t have to travel too far to get to the plate; when it does, we’re always on the hunt for the best quality produce and wherever possible we’ll work with organic, natural food that undergoes as little processing as possible. Where necessary the food will come from overseas, but only after deep scrutiny.

Chef Steve reflects: “The best of Thailand’s local & organic produce, complimented by imported ingredients from the finest producers of taste around the globe.”

The social element at Kata Rocks is in creating a luxury restaurant, where guests feel completely at ease. The restaurant is a place where friends come together to share great food, neither stuffy nor too casual.



The team at Kata Rocks have created a wellness & spa concept that is profoundly holistic; encompassing a wide-range of services and programs chosen to improve the wellbeing of our guests.

The wellness services include innovative holistic therapies, classic spa & beauty treatments and even specialized spa retreat programs.
The spa and wellness services have been chosen to meld in with the four main elements of the Kata Rocks spa these are:

Uniquely Thai – we understand that travelers nowadays are seeking the best traditional spa treatments; our spa team has created a menu that includes a variety of excellent spa treatments that are uniquely Thai; these are a step beyond simply the traditional Thai massage, but they are equally as authentic.

Youthful Ageing – the Fountain of Youth is a legend that has existed for thousands of years, and spa enthusiasts today are seeking to look after their health and appearance as they get older. The team at Kata Rocks has created a number of specialized treatments that focus on such aspects as rejuvenation of the skin and the health of the nervous system.

Rest & Recovery – research from the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) suggests that that up to 60% of people are lacking in sleep or have sleep-related disorders and nowadays people sleep 20% less than they did a century ago. At Kata Rocks, the spa team has developed programs centered-on rest and recovery; including, meditation, napping for 20-90 minutes in a special sleep pod and receiving aromatherapy based treatments that help the body to rest and recover.

Detox & Cleansing – the Kata Rocks spa offers a range of cleansing and detox programs that work on ensuring a healthy-functioning of the body – the detoxification and cleanse programs incorporate healthy juicing, colonic hydrotherapy, skin-scrubs, personal manifestations and meditation.

At the more dynamic and active end of the spectrum is a revolutionary gymnasium project inspired by the concept of “Play-Fitness” with TRX and functional-training supporting more conventional programs.




There’s no place more suited to romantic dining than at a seashore restaurant; with the view around Kata Rocks, few Phuket restaurants come close! What’s more, Kata Rocks offers the most exquisite dining options: on the rocks, at the poolside restaurant and in the privacy of each guest villa.

Prepared by a highly-trained team of cuisiniers, the menu will thrill a wide-range of tastes – from healthy spa cuisine, to traditional-Thai, fresh seafood and Asian-fusion Dishes.

Events and special occasions at Kata Rocks will excite the senses, stir your cool-chic, inspire elegance and revive your style; everything, with a vibrant Kata Rocks twist…

Romantics wanting a Phuket wedding will treasure the alluring possibilities that exist at our luxury resort; where the team will create the most mesmerizing gathering and THE perfect day.