• Meet our guests_ Cameron and Belinda
  • Meet our guests: Honeymooners Cameron and Belinda from Australia

Meet our guests: Honeymooners Cameron and Belinda from Australia

Meet our guests: Honeymooners Cameron and Belinda from Australia

Kata Rocks does not only take pride in our fantastic team of Rock Stars, we are fortunate to host many wonderful guests as well. May we introduce you to: Cameron and Belinda, they recently came to celebrate their honeymoon with us in Kata Rocks. All the way from Australia, they picked Phuket for its tropical island vibe and Kata Rocks specifically for the enticing, romantic photos on the website. We caught up with them on the last day of their 10-day holiday.

It was Cameron’s first time in Phuket, whereas Belinda has visited Phuket once before but both are staying at Kata Rocks for the first time. They wholeheartedly enjoyed their honeymoon, pinpointing that the staff has been exceptional. Delivering extremely personable service but at the same time they also know when to give you space. Cameron works in facility management and Belinda is employed in the hospitality business so they both appreciate how fine that line is. They were very impressed with our Rock Star team. They were a little less impressed with the road leading to the entrance of the hotel, the only thing they mentioned where there was room for improvement.

Aside from spending time in their Kata Rocks’ sky villa or plunging into their private pool, Cameron and Belinda very much enjoyed driving around on their rented motorbikes; from Kata to Rawai, to Chalong and Nai Harn. They reckon it is a great way to explore the island and see all the sights. Phuket is a great choice for Australians in their 40’s and 50’s like themselves who wish to escape their busy life for a short while without the children and spend some quality time together. To add to the fun, currently the exchange rate of the Australian dollar towards the Thai baht is very favourable.

Belinda and Cameron are very environmentally engaged; they never miss an opportunity to clean up a beach or a pool, even during their honeymoon. Their children are following in their footsteps, they added proudly. Cleaning up beaches, parks and other public spaces is also taught in schools in Australia. Moreover, the government completely bans plastic in Australia and organises “Clean Up Australia Day”. This yearly event inspires and empowers communities to clean up, fix up and conserve the environment. They wish the same would happen in Thai schools so we can all contribute to a cleaner world.

The happy couple is very keen to come back to Kata Rocks for a second visit and our entire team of Rock Stars is looking forward to welcoming them back again.

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