• Unsung Heroes - Part One: Sales Manager Dome

Unsung Heroes – Part One: Sales Manager Dome

Unsung Heroes – Part One: Sales Manager Dome

As our employees are fundamental to our business, we would like to introduce you to some of our ‘Unsung Heroes’ in Kata Rocks and Infinite Luxury. Putting a well deserved spotlight on some of our long-standing and loyal employees; this first edition is all about Sales Manager Dome.

The land for the Kata Rocks project was purchased at the end of 2007. Right from the start Dome joined Infinite Luxury, the management company of Kata Rocks, as Sales Manager in February 2008. She was one of the company’s first hires. Coming from a real estate background, Dome looked forward to advancing her skills by selling villas for Infinite Luxury. In the scope of a whopping 14 years, she has seen Kata Rocks rise from a barren plot of land to the astounding modern luxury resort it is today. Reminiscing the early beginnings, she mentions the granite boulders in the ground that had to be demolished and (partly) removed in order to build on the oceanfront steep hill. Even so, the rocks remain an integral part of Kata Rocks’ identity, not only by name.

Dome sings praises of the working relationship she has developed with her colleagues and with the CEO and owner, Richard Pope. ‘My colleagues feel just like family.’ – she says. Moreover, she very much enjoys her contact with the current villa owners and the potential villa owners. It gives her great pride and pleasure to show them around the various sky pool villas of Kata Rocks.

After spending 14 years working with the same company, would there be anything Dome still looks forward to? Oh yes, certainly, she says, the future projects for Infinite Luxury. New development plans had already been made before the Covid 19 outbreak started. This obviously caused a delay in plans, however; business is now picking up in Thailand and Dome is looking forward to seeing the new projects coming into fruition.

During Covid 19 times, Dome went above and beyond to assist people in dire straits: she helped to provide food for 300 people every day! Another interesting tidbit not many people know about Dome is that she likes to spend some time on the scenic and peaceful rocky shores of Kata Rocks, right by the sea. This is her favourite part of the resort where she enjoys the view and chats to and plays with the resident crabs.

Contact Dome directly for information or questions about purchasing your own sky pool villa at Kata Rocks: dome@infiniteluxury.com

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