4 Factors That Make Phuket’s Beachside Restaurants Romantic

4 Factors That Make Phuket’s Beachside Restaurants Romantic

Have you ever tried to picture a romantic beachfront restaurant in Phuket? Chances are, you may have thought of a restaurant located next to the ocean. What makes them so special other than the fact that it is right next to the beach? Let’s delve deeper and find out the four reasons why Phuket’s beachfront restaurants are romantic.

1 – The Love for Water
It is well-known that humans are fascinated with water. This fact doesn’t come as a surprise, as over 70 percent of the earth is covered by water. Our bodies are roughly made up of the same percentage of water as well!

The ocean plays an integral part in our daily lives, as it is a channel of transportation, trade, and sustenance. Research even proves that our genes have been hardwired to love the sea. It is maybe because of this reason why we feel that Phuket’s best restaurants are found at the seaside. Not necessarily because of the food but because of the setting.

2 – The Sense of Calm
How does love for the sea enhance the ambiance of a seaside restaurant? Most of it comes from the relaxation. This is why fishermen who spend their day at sea are too busy working to feel any of this. They don’t have time to relax by the ocean with their loved ones. Relaxation is an essential factor in romance.

Another way to give our bodies a sense of relaxation is through food and wine. When our bodies are satisfied with food and calmed because of alcohol, many people generally enjoy each other’s company much more. The less you become up-tight, the more you become romantic!

3 – A Hypnotic Rhythm
One thing that adds even more to the relaxing atmosphere is the rhythmic waves of the sea. Whether you’re having a romantic dinner or spending the day at the beach, the constant sound that fills the silence stops any possibility of awkwardness or discomfort. Like a ticking clock or the beating of the heart, a steady rhythm calms down your mind down and prepares you for a romantic time.

4 – Sharing Your Food
This doesn’t only apply to beachside restaurants, but anywhere you eat. When you eat food, especially Thai food, the spices stimulate your nervous system and can make the mouth, lips, and tongue all the more sensitive. This is why most first dates include a visit to a good restaurant!

Adding the fact that it is this special moment that is shared next to a beautiful beach adds even more romance to the air. Sharing food with one another is an intimate act, a pathway to building trust and finding topics to keep the conversation going.

Do you want to bring your significant other to a romantic dinner venue in Phuket? Don’t go to restaurants sitting high in the jungle areas. Look for good restaurants by the beach. Pair your meals with a good bottle of wine, and romance will come naturally. Enjoy the setting, the meal, but most importantly, enjoy your partner’s company.

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