7 Things to Remember for a Romantic Dinner in Phuket

7 Things to Remember for a Romantic Dinner in Phuket

There is no shortage of beautiful restaurants you can choose from in Phuket. Once you have picked which one to dine in, it’s time to prepare for other things that will make your romantic date a success. Here are some things you need to remember:

  1. Ask her out ahead of time
    While it is nice to get surprises, sometimes it is best to ask your special woman for dinner ahead of time. When you wait for the day itself before you ask her out for a romantic dinner, she may reject your offer, or she may reluctantly go with you. It is better to give her a notice a few days ahead of time, for her to have ample time to prepare what she’s going to wear for your romantic dinner.
  2. Don’t choose a posh restaurant
    Remember that posh does not equate to romantic. What you want is to enjoy an intimate dinner and not stress about the super fancy foods, wines, and services. The expensive cost of foods is also an equivalent of romantic. Consider what food you enjoy eating together and the ambiance of the restaurant before you make a reservation.
  3. Dress up for the occasion
    When you prepare on what to wear, it is important that you dress up for the occasion because you want to make the romantic dinner extra special. Ditch your jeans and T-shirt for now, and take the opportunity to make a good impression of how good-looking you are when you dress up.
  4. Start the night with a toast
    Before you have your main meal, dedicate a toast to your partner. Start with a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail. This will break the ice and add color and energy to your night. Take the opportunity to express yourself during the toast and make her feel extra special.
  5. Don’t order a soup
    If both of you are still in the stage of making a good impression, one of the foods you should not order is soup. Slurping and splashing soup is by no means romantic. Also, it can end up on your shirt, and that can ruin the night.
  6. Swap plates if needed
    She may not like her food or something in her plate, so you should offer to swap yours with hers. If it is out of the question, quietly speak to the waiter and ask for a replacement. Many Phuket restaurants are accommodating.
  7. Pay the bill
    This may be old-fashioned, and some would argue that you should split the bill. However, the old gesture of the man paying the bill still has a romantic and gentlemanly air to it. Even when your date offers to split the bill, try to resist it. Don’t worry as well because even the best restaurants in Phuket relatively have affordable prices.
  8. Takeaways
    Taking your special someone to a romantic restaurant in Phuket is only half of the process. Keep these tips in mind to make your special dinner a success.

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