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Phuket Family Life – Better than an Endless Holiday

Phuket Family Life – Better than an Endless Holiday

Imagine being born to a Phuket family: growing-up on a paradise tropical island surrounded by nature.

Picnicking at a different view point each holiday. Your childhood is filled with surfing, sailing and snorkelling. You enjoy scuba diving, excursions to neighbouring islands, and treks on elephants or horses. You also love national park waterfalls and pristine beaches. Finally, you have a world-class education, international friends and no shortage of amusing entertainment choices.

This can be the life of lucky souls born in Phuket Island, Thailand. Phuket family life relishes in the abundant, clean-air environment that is Thailand’s largest island resort. The climate allows for all kinds of outdoor and water sports year-round. In this, the most prized tourist area of the country – and arguably the entire tropical Asia region, world class medical facilities and international education are booming.

Phuket was first discovered by the western world when “Dutch, English and the French, competed for the opportunity to trade with the island of Phuket” (Wikipedia). From that time, Phuket held a notable position in the global map, attracting traders and their families to its shores. Later they came for tourism, and finally: international luxury living.

Phuket is composed of one large island and approximately 40 minor islands/islets. As you would expect for a Singapore-sized state with global tourism as its main economy, Phuket boasts all the contemporary amenities found in modern destinations. After all, it has become a must-visit holiday location for Kate Moss, Jean Claude Van Dam, David Beckham, Paula Abdul, Kevin Spacey, Leonardo Di Caprio, Pierce Brosnan, and Mick Jagger.

Not to mention Bill Gates, numerous royalty and a surprising number of billionaires who own holiday homes. They fly to Phuket’s seaside airport on private jets, then ride a yacht or helicopter to their oceanfront villa. Attracting stars in their flip-flops, Phuket is becoming the French Riviera of the east. However as it’s still a part of Thailand, Phuket family life does not necessarily cost much to enjoy.

Phuket Family Life Attractions

The Phuket family enjoys an array of affordable and top-notch international school choices. English language programs are found in a selection of public and private schools, which often draw from the American Curriculum. On the pricier and higher-end, is a British International School with a boarding option (UK National Curriculum). Also, the newer Phuket International Academy with its International Baccalaureate (IB) program features “Social Emotional Learning/Mindfulness” and professional sports facilities.

Benefiting the Phuket family as well, is a highly-connected international airport which is continually expanding to more global routes. From high-fashion shopping malls with new-run movie theatres, to world-class marinas and sprawling villa estates; big money development has brought Phuket increasing attention.

Phuket Island used to be notorious for its Patong nightlife area which comprises 16 km² or 2.8% of the province. Although that particular bay area is catering to party goers, we can observe countless Asian and European groups happily enjoying a fun-filled Phuket family holiday in this seaside destination.

A full look at Phuket reveals much more than nightlife and beaches. It is a place where families migrate to escape the “rate race” that is urban life.

Getting back to what really matters in life (such as nature and culture) allows the modern Phuket family to add value in their daily experience, without compromising modern comforts.

The island has come a long way in the past 30 years. From dirt roads and backpackers in the 1980’s, to now boasting half a dozen international-standard hospitals. Those facilities are led by Phuket International Hospital, Bangkok Phuket Hospital and the island’s new high-tech Dibuk Hospital. Medical tourists fly-in from numerous developed nations to take advantage of Thailand’s discounted, highest-quality health care facilities.

Few years ago, an island-wide challenge became rush hour traffic due to insufficient public transport. However, the island already has one completed underpass and another is being constructed right now. At least two more are being planned.

With its well connected airport and such new, convenient infrastructure coming online, the standard of living and doing business in Phuket is an increasingly attractive draw for Westerners. Following a joyful Phuket family holiday, portions of the roughly 3.2 million annual airport arrivals are tempted — and finally end up settling down here.

Given all those arriving families, many hotels cater to young children by providing entertainment for children, babysitter services, and kids clubs. Families cannot seem to get enough of Phuket. They are drawn by rich cultural festivals, healthy cuisine, and nature in a comfortable climate. Moreover, the economics of Phuket family-life allow families to hire a nanny, driver, maid, chef and/or housekeeper for only 15,000-30,000 THB  (500-1,000 USD) each per month.

While prices have risen over the years, foreign currency will always hold greater value than in other regions. This has created an influx of foreign early-retirees. Settlers, digital nomads and investors benefit most from the favorable currency exchange. Kata Rocks Resort and Residences is one development that won numerous international awards. It is among a superclass of well-located oceanfront villas, and the first to introduce smart-home automation technology.

Meanwhile, new family-style attractions are skyrocketing on Phuket. These include Baan Teelanka which is an upside down house with a 950 m² garden maze built in 2014. Splash Jungle is a world class water park, and a new 20 million Euro water park is also under construction on over 40-rai in the centre of the island.

Notable attractions for families are too many to fully discuss here. However, other highlights include a live-action family game called Mystery Chamber, a number of world class magic, cabaret and acrobatic shows. Las Vegas style Thai Cultural Shows Siam Niramit and Phuket Fantasea are now well known. The fabulous Trick Eye Museum, numerous elephant trekking spots and six golf courses are always fun. Likewise, are the mini golf courses, two wake boarding parks, and Surf House Phuket which is an impressive new wave-machine for board riding.

Finally, Phuket boasts three modern zip line treetop courses, triathlon clubs and horseback riding on the beach. Beyond the above, many yacht clubs and Phuket’s 15 pristine beaches, there are countless other family attractions forming an ever-growing list.

Phuket family life truly does offer great value for raising a family with top medical care and world class international education. Therefore, settling down in Phuket remains an appealing option for families. Phuket’s nature, global service culture and international air routes bring convenience and joy to life. While its global entertainment choices provide endless opportunities for memorable family time.

When raising a family, what else could you wish for?

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