Post-Stay Survey

Post-Stay Survey

Thank you for staying with us. We would like to seek your assistance on how we can improve our service for a better guest experience.

Could you please help us by providing your feedback?

Many thanks,

Gordon Aeria
General Manager Kata Rocks


Why did you choose Kata Rocks?

How did you make your reservation?
How was your arrival experience?
Was your villa clean upon arrival?
Was your bed comfortable?
Did you find the concierge to be helpful during your stay?
Were your requests quickly responded to?
Overall, how friendly and helpful were our staff members?
How was the checkout process?
How satisfied are you with your experience in our Infinite Luxury Spa?
How was your departure experience?
Would you consider staying at our hotel again?
Considering your complete experience at our hotel, how likely would you be to recommend us?

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