• Elephant parade
  • Kata Rocks Welcomes New Colourful Residents!
  • Kata Rocks Welcomes New Colourful Residents!
  • Kata Rocks Welcomes New Colourful Residents!
  • Kata Rocks Welcomes New Colourful Residents!

Kata Rocks Welcomes New Colourful Residents!

Kata Rocks Welcomes New Colourful Residents!

After our successful collaboration with Elephant Parade during the 2019 Kata Rocks Superyacht Rendezvous, we are pleased to announce that we are now the permanent home of seven bright and vibrantly coloured elephant statues.

Elephant Parade are an extraordinary social enterprise who run the world’s largest exhibition of decorated elephant statues to raise awareness for elephant conservation. Each unique art piece on display in the exhibitions is created by artists and celebrities worldwide. Handcrafted, limited edition replicas amongst other merchandise are also sold – of which 20% of the net profits raised are donated to elephant welfare and conservation.

Altogether, there are seven (mini) giants around the resort for you to discover. From the floral patterned blue “Iris” symbolising wisdom and hope, to the pink petal sprinkled “Beauty in Pink” which represents spring and happiness. Culturally inspired “Lanna Eden” painted in a more traditional pattern with warm pinks and oranges and the radiant “Indian Blues” with pastel pink and blue shades and gleaming gold details are also classics. Last but not least, there are the enchanting “Celestial” with gold and silver stars and moons along its’ midnight blue frame, “Encantado” with depictions of fantastical beings and landscapes of the magical Azorean Culture and “Rainbow Reef” with the visual representation of the interconnected relationships and wealth of colours and species that live in coral reefs.

Kata Rocks hopes to continue supporting the conservation of both Elephants and the environment for our future generations.

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