Unsung Heroes: Project Director – David Frost

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Unsung Heroes: Project Director - David Frost

Unsung Heroes: Project Director – David Frost

In this second edition of our series of Unsung Heroes, we proudly introduce you to one of our longest standing and most loyal colleagues: David Frost, who joined Infinite Luxury right from the start. He was there to witness each of the early milestones leading up to the building of Kata Rocks. He found out...Read more

Unsung Heroes - Part One: Sales Manager Dome

Unsung Heroes – Part One: Sales Manager Dome

As our employees are fundamental to our business, we would like to introduce you to some of our ‘Unsung Heroes’ in Kata Rocks and Infinite Luxury. Putting a well deserved spotlight on some of our long-standing and loyal employees; this first edition is all about Sales Manager Dome. The land for the Kata Rocks project...Read more

Did you know? … Kata Rocks (facts about Kata Rocks)

Did you know? … Kata Rocks

No matter if you are a returning guest or a new guest to Kata Rocks; you may well be interested in reading some of the lesser known facts about Kata Rocks....Read more

4 Factors That Make Phuket’s Beachside Restaurants Romantic

Have you ever tried to picture a romantic beachfront restaurant in Phuket? Chances are, you may have thought of a restaurant located next to the ocean. What makes them so special other than the fact that it is right next to the beach? Let’s delve deeper and find out the four reasons why Phuket’s beachfront...Read more

7 Things to Remember for a Romantic Dinner in Phuket

There is no shortage of beautiful restaurants you can choose from in Phuket. Once you have picked which one to dine in, it’s time to prepare for other things that will make your romantic date a success. Here are some things you need to remember: Ask her out ahead of time While it is nice...Read more

Kata Rocks - Seafood platters

How To Eat Light On A Romantic Dinner Date in Phuket

Going on a romantic dinner date can prove to be a bit troublesome for many people, especially when the desire to look good for your partner is much higher than usual. If you’ve decided to travel to Phuket to celebrate an anniversary with your significant other, then chances are that you probably have been thinking...Read more

Phuket Surf Season

All You Need to Know About Phuket Weather_ A Short Guide

Like all other beach towns and cities, the weather is the key indicator of when you should go to Phuket. The last thing you want to happen when you come here is for it to rain all day every day, as that means that you won’t be able to enjoy the activities you planned. Additionally,...Read more

Mee Ton Poe, Phuket Original Hokkien Noodles, Phuket town

Our Top 5 Must-Try Foods in Phuket

Are you enjoying your time in Phuket? If you are, that’s good to hear. Though Phuket offers world-class beaches, what is truly amazing about this place is the food available for you. With hundreds of food items, anyone can be easily overwhelmed in deciding what to eat. Here are the top five picks to help...Read more

Kata Rocks package

Tips for a Great Multigenerational Family Vacation

It can be a challenge to plan a vacation for your family. It’s not going to get any easier to include all your in-laws and the possible dramas that might pop up. Not only will it strain you, but everyone along for the ride will feel the stress as well. How do you plan the best possible trip that everyone can enjoy? Read on to find out more!...Read more

Naithon Beach, Phuket, Thailand

How Long Should You Stay In Phuket – Here’s What to Know

Phuket has been recognized around the world for its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. However, there are so many other things to do in Phuket. Considering your budget, you can stay for a few days, stretch it to a week, or maximize up to a month. Getting around may be expensive because of high fares, but there are various cheap hotels you can stay at and local foods to enjoy within your budget....Read more

Public area 05

4 Things to Enjoy in Kata Beach – Our Guide

Phuket is a dream destination for many tourists, not just because of its wonderful beaches, but because there are plenty of fun things to do there. Out of all the places in Phuket, Kata Beach is by far one of the most popular, for good reason. In this article, we’ll clue you in on four of the best things to do in Kata Beach and why you should consider going there this year. That said, let’s get to it!...Read more

Kata Karon View Point | Kata Rocks Resort Phuket Thailand

7 Great Viewpoints Around Phuket Island

Phuket’s viewpoints are breathtaking, to say the least. All of what Phuket has to offer are displayed in sweeping vistas and beautiful white sandy beaches. The viewpoints are many but they provide plenty of diversity for the tourist or sightseer. It is quite impossible to pick the best one, but below are seven incredible options in Phuket that you have to see to get a complete and immersive experience. Let’s take a look!...Read more

7 Great Viewpoints Around Phuket Island

Phuket’s viewpoints are breathtaking, to say the least. All of what Phuket has to offer are displayed in sweeping vistas and beautiful white sandy beaches. The viewpoints are many but they provide plenty of diversity for the tourist or sightseer. It is quite impossible to pick the best one, but below are seven incredible options...Read more

Kata Rocks - Sunset yoga

Reasons why you should try a yoga retreat in Phuket

Planning a trip to Phuket? If so, chances are that you are visualizing the beauty of the sea and partying hard on the island. However, there is another way to enjoy a wonderful holiday in Phuket: a yoga retreat....Read more

Wedding on the rocks at Kata Rocks

All You Need to Know About Holding a Beachfront Vow Renewal Ceremony in Phuket

If you're looking to plan a trip where you can renew your wedding vows in Phuket, all you need to know is in this article from Kata Rocks Resort....Read more

Phuket Old Town

Romantic photo opportunities in Phuket

Whether you are on a honeymoon getaway, or just traveling with your significant other, you will definitely want to commemorate your romantic trip with great pictures. If you’re looking for amazing viewpoints and great places to capture stunning scenery with your loved one, here are some of our recommended spots for magic pictures....Read more

Festive Season Spa Celebration - December 2017

Our guide to going on a honeymoon in Phuket

There are many places and activities that will enhance your romantic life with your partner. We guarantee you that you and your loved one will never forget your honeymoon trip. If you are curious as to why you should visit this island, just take a look at our guide to going on a romantic getaway in Phuket!...Read more

Phi Phi islands, Krabi, Thailand

6 great ideas for a date in Phuket

Phuket is a beautiful place, and many couples prefer to have their honeymoon there. There are many romantic spots around the island that you will definitely enjoy. If you’re planning to go to Phuket to spend time with the love of your life, here are some things you can do as a couple....Read more

3 Things to Do with your kids in Phuket

If you plan on taking the little ones to Phuket during your upcoming vacation, there is nothing to worry about. The beautiful island has plenty of things to offer people of all ages. Here are three of the best activities to enjoy with your kids in Phuket:...Read more

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