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What is Thai Massage Actually All About?

What is Thai Massage Actually All About?

What is Thai Massage? An ancient healing art and science.

The question of “What is Thai Massage?” is not uncommon, because it is unlike any other type of treatment in the world. Drawing from China and especially India, Thailand has a rich history of healing which is unique in its own right.

What is Thai Massage’s Story?

The basis is found mostly in India’s natural medicine or “Ayurveda.” Thailand was once part of the Indian Empire, so many traces of their royal culture live-on here today. One world renowned, surviving treasure is Thai massage. It is said to be from the physician of Buddha, around 500 BCE.

What is Thai massage involving?

Thai body massage involves a giver pushing, pulling and stretching the receiver’s body in many postures. A skilled therapist will press to balance a receiver’s energy lines.

What is Thai Massage Energy Lines?

Energy lines are the pathways of “life force” in the body. Thais know the body’s energy as Pran like Indian Prana, Chinese know it as Chi. Japanese call it Ki and in the western world, for lack of a better word, we can call it “bioelectric energy.” This power is found in Acupuncture, Tai chi and Shiatsu as well.

What is Thai Massage energy channels?

Ancient cultures found channels of the power in the human body. Each is spread out in levels. Thai body massage usespathways like those of yoga/Ayurveda. The names are based on Sanskrit language, with Thai versions of “ida” and “pingala” to balance flow on the left and right of the body. Another channel, “shushumna” flows through the center of one’s being to give healing and bliss.

What is Thai massage today?

Today, there are many types of Thai body massage: royal, foot, yoga, therapy. Some therapists have a shallow knowledge of this art and science — while others have earned a Phd.

What is Thai massage’s benefits?

Thai massage improves blood flow, along with one’s posture. Twice weekly treatments will provide much healing and calmness in life. It can also be used prior to meditation for great benefit.

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