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Top 3 ‘Secret’ Beaches in Phuket

Top 3 ‘Secret’ Beaches in Phuket

Phuket is one of Thailand’s best known beach destinations where almost every nook and cranny has been explored and probably covered by the media or on social networks. So when we say ‘secret’ it is with tongue firmly planted in cheek, however our top three beaches mentioned below should free you from the marauding hordes of group tours and massive coaches that have become the norm in recent years.


Located just south of Kata, Kata Noi beach retains its original beauty that made Phuket beaches so popular worldwide. Unlike its big brother Kata Noi beach it is still reasonably undeveloped, giving it a more private feel. It retains its unique vibe partly because of topography of the area; it is tucked into a lovely bay with a nice wide strand of white sand and has incredibly clear blue waters during the high season. Except the beach itself and two resorts, not much is going on around Kata Noi beach.

Visitors can still enjoy some peace and quiet and feel like you’re far from the masses, and yet you are only a short five minute drive from the dining and shopping hub of Kata.

The northern end of the beach is also a popular spot among surfers who occasionally get some decent waves for learning and practicing. When low season arrives, the bay gets rougher and swimming is best avoided due the occasional strong rip tide.


Some will tell you that Laem Singh beach, between Surin beach and Kamala is the coolest, most secret beach of all. Part of its attraction, they will say is that it is because the only way to get there is down a steep, rough track, which deters novice beach-goers.

Truth be told Laem Singh was relatively unknown until recently. Nowadays, the beach is packed full of tourists during peak season, but you really can’t blame them. Despite the increase in visitors, the beach is still absolutely stunning and well worth a visit.

So make the effort to head down the cliffside path and experience the clean, clear water that is still teaming with aquatic life. A large rock carves the beach in two, but can be walked or swam around. Park up near the trail from the road for a small fee or venture a little further and try to find roadside parking.


Ao Sane is a retro time capsule for those looking to relive the golden days for hippy back packer glory. The lack of development in the area makes it a time capsule to a simpler time and the beach’s character is best described as ‘chilled’ as time passes slowly on Ao Sane.

The 200-metre long rocky beach seems like a small private hamlet at times, diving and snorkelling is stunning during the high season months from December to April when the ocean is calm.

There is a primitive shower and toilet halfway along the beach, and Ao Sane is rarely crowded but there are some prime shady spots that get snapped up by early sun seekers. Best to dine elsewhere or bring a picnic lunch, the restaurant is rudimentary at best.

There are also no sun beds for hire; nor noisy jet-skis or bothersome hawkers to disturb you. Make sure to take your own towels or beach mat to sit on.

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