• Phuket Wine Options Challenge Returns!

Phuket Wine Options Challenge Returns!

Phuket Wine Options Challenge Returns!

It’s that time again for the ‘Phuket Annual Wine Options Challenge’ (WOC) on 4 March from 6 to 8 pm. The WOC is a friendly, amusing and enjoyable team wine tasting event that celebrates group fun and the fruit of the vine.

Kata Rocks, along with Bangkok Beer & Beverages (BB&B), is delighted to organise the WOC again at Kata Rocks for this uproarious fun wine tasting game allows novices to compete and drink on equal footing with veteran wine aficionados.

However, event organisers do offer an important safety tip: be careful not to rubbish the all-powerful quiz master who has a low tolerance for wine snobs and other types of pretentious behaviour. It is a group wine challenge where four individuals compete as a teams, hopefully with a fun and quirky name, to compete against other like-minded participants.

New teams are invite to take on last year’s reigning champion Angsana Laguna Phuket and compete for the crown. The WOC is a series of multiple choice questions (options) on a total of eight wines. Points are awarded for correct answers to each question and the teams compete through the evening. At the end the winning team will be the one that provided the best answers to questions about eight wines. It’s fun and challenging and participants don’t have to be wine gurus to take part and enjoy the challenge. Hopefully it will also be a learning opportunity and chance to enjoy good wine and meet new people!

During the competition the quiz master presents a series of increasingly precise options for teams to discover the identity of the wine being tasted. A typical series of questions might include is it an ‘old world’ or ‘new world’ wine? What is the varietal being tasted – Riesling, Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc? Did the wine come from Australia or America? Is the wine two years old or 10 years old? The winning team will be awarded a prestigious trophy with their team name engraved on it for eternity plus a winner’s prize.

There will also be prizes for the best team name and all participants as it’s about the wine, not just winning. Kata Rocks will also serve a delicious casual poolside BBQ buffet after the WOC along with tasty nibbles during the event.

WOC team entry fee (4 people) is 600 baht net payable with entry form before 19 February, BBQ buffet is 1,200 baht++ net per person and best reserved in advance.

To enter please email Scot via generalmanager@katarocks.com or Khun Neung on mgr@andamanwineclub.com

Please download the application form here

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