• Kata Rocks leads ‘International Coastal Cleanup Day 2017’ on Kata Beaches
  • Kata Rocks leads ‘International Coastal Cleanup Day 2017’ on Kata Beaches

Kata Rocks leads ‘International Coastal Cleanup Day 2017’ on Kata Beaches

Kata Rocks leads ‘International Coastal Cleanup Day 2017’ on Kata Beaches

Kata Rocks’ is pleased to do its part by volunteering for ‘International Coastal Cleanup Day 2017’ on Saturday 16 September, contributing to the betterment of Kata Village and its beaches.

Together with members of the Phuket Hotels Association that helped launch the initiative locally, the resort is taking a leadership role in Kata during the inaugural island-wide beach cleanup drive.

Called ‘Hearts with Hands, Keep Phuket Clean’ (Phuket Suay Duay Mua Lae Jai Rao in Thai), the effort provides Kata Rocks’ colleagues with a unique opportunity to give back and contribute to preserving Phuket’s important coastal and marine resources.

Kata Rocks is committed to improving the lives of people in the Phuket and preserving its natural surroundings. Kata Rocks’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) outreach includes charity based events, community education and environmental actions like this recent beach cleanup.

The International Coastal Cleanup Day 2017 is coordinated by the Ocean Conservancy in the United States. It is committed to protecting the ocean from today’s greatest global challenges for a healthier marine environment, protecting wildlife and communities that depend on it. Held on the third Saturday of September every year since 1986, volunteers head out at sunrise to conduct a coastal cleanup of shores and waterways around the world.

This campaign coincides with the ‘Clean Up the World 2017’ drive on 16 September, another community-based environmental campaign that inspires and empowers communities around the world to clean up, fix up, and conserve the environment.

Both organisations are committed to creating science-based solutions. They inspire volunteer teams to collect, categorise, record, analyse and remove trash, extracting data by rubbish type and then creating models for future long-term waste management efforts.

If you would like to join in on the effort, all main beaches around the Phuket area will be participating from 8-11am, Saturday 16 September. For more information please visit here.

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