• Kata Rocks' Culinary Cinema on Halloween

Kata Rocks’s Culinary Cinema on Halloween

Kata Rocks’s Culinary Cinema on Halloween

Kata Rocks’s Culinary Cinema this Halloween night is a unique way to experience a film: through aroma, texture and taste. Each guest is supplied with a tray of numbered mystery boxes containing a bite-sized tasting menu tailored to specific moments in the film.

Each audience member will find a tray of small numbered containers on their allocated seat, each of which holds a canapé sized serving or mini cocktail. After a short introduction the film begins, during which the food-matched moments are signalled by a screen-side light box, which illuminates the package number that should be opened and enjoyed.

The menus focus less on literal interpretations of food shown on screen and more on environment, specific words and overall feelings. For example, a scene where characters ran through a pine forest it could be matched with Pine Smoked Popcorn, giving pine aroma and flavour while also delivering the ‘crunch’ of feet on the needle-laden forest floor.

The 1996 horror flick ‘Scream’ is an innovative and highly self-conscious film, making it an inspired choice for the Kata Rocks’ Culinary Cinema launch.

This fright night classic by director Wes Craven is a film within a film, using its mise-en-scène to dramatic effect. The late great Roger Ebert said “Scream is not about the plot. It is about itself. In other words, it is about characters who know they are in a plot. The movie, for all of its ironic in-jokes, also functions as a horror film that uses as many clichés as it mocks.”

Sounds delicious, down to the very last bite.  Kata Rocks Culinary Cinema on 31 October, ‪‎Halloween night, begins with drinks at 6:30pm with the movie starting 7pm. It is priced at 1,000 baht per person, contact dining@katarocks.com for more information.

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