Zen Sisters Jewelry

Zen Sisters Jewelry


Zen Sisters Jewelry’s grand opening of its first Phuket retail outlet was in December 2015, but the shopping celebration continues.

Among other Phuket Jewellery Stores, They hand-string each piece and combine hallmarked 92.5% sterling silver with natural materials.

These include but are not limited to holy rudraksha beads from the mountains of Nepal, Balinese lava stones and precious and semi-precious stones including emeralds, jade, aquamarine, smoky quartz, luminous labradorite and more.

Their hand crafted excellence is also on display at Phuket’s finest hotels including Kata Rocks. They also are present on Koh Samui, Malaysia, New Zealand, Scotland and The United Kingdom.

Zen Sisters have always had a desire to create contemporary jewelry for the modern woman that was authentic, chic and playful. In 2012 that became a reality when the company was established. They take pride in using their range to help customers express who they are, connecting with special people in life and holding on to cherished memories.

Starting out in a home office, they created pieces that they wanted to wear and give as personal gifts to friends and family. From their base in Phuket, Thailand, the company is able to use locally sourced materials and skilled craftsmen whilst keeping the business true to its core values.

Before long, people were asking where to find the company’s jewelry, and soon it set up boutiques in fine hotels around Phuket. Tourists arrived and wanted to take Zen Sisters unique handcrafted jewelry home as gifts to share with others.

In two short years, the company has grown from beyond Phuket to selling internationally.

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