Wua Art Gallery

Wua Art Gallery


Wua Art Gallery in Phuket is the brain child and creative muse of one ‘Mr Zen’, the driving force behind each piece of art in what could easily be called Phuket’s best curated cultural space.

It is not only Mr Zen’s gallery and the studio, but also the home where he lives with his wife and young daughter. This former advertising agency creative directory and interior designer moved to Phuket to put his heart and soul into everything that is Wua Art Gallery. Each inch of space oozes the passion and creativity his work projects, with amazing oil on canvas paintings being his primary medium for expression.

His style is uniquely minimalist in form and content. All painting and art pieces on display at Wua Art Gallery are created by Mr Zen one by one. Some consist of little more than a few sparse lines drawn to define shape or space and nothing else. His intent is to inspire others by using as few details as possible, leaving interpretation open, asking his audience to determine each piece’s inherent meaning or intent.

It is powerful, effective and fun use of his craft. It all starts with the cow signage (not the butcher shop many expect) outside the gallery beckoning visitors to explore Wua Art Gallery.

The entrance and its open facade is welcoming by design, inspiring curiosity in those who pass by. Mr Zen lives up to his name with pearls of wisdom about this work, art philosophy and lifestyle on his website:

“What some people call ‘spirit’ I believe is more like our natural instincts. It is a part of us and is transmitted into art through our way of life.”

“In my opinion a painter and his artwork must be constituted from his life experience and the journey he is on. But the beauty of art is the ability to incorporate that into a painting or model or whatever for others to perceive the work from the artist’s eye, even if just for a moment.”

Wua Art Gallery is located on Pang Nga Road in Phuket Old Town between the book shop and Bangkok Bank. It is open daily from 9:30am to 9:30pm.

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