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Phuket Wake Park

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Phuket Wake Park is a cable-ski operation set on a lake near Kathu Waterfall between Phuket Town and Patong. The park’s been around for many years and recently completed an upgrade and expansion, adding a number of different obstacles along the circuit for more advanced boarders to test their skills on.

The park now offers a diverse range of features including a full size main cable, with high quality 13 unit obstacles for pro-riders who want to improve their tricks. In addition, there is also the nearby 2.0 system reverse winch cable for beginners who might be a bit wet behind the ears and just starting to learn.

It has an ambient swimming pool, massage facility, comfortable chill out zone, sun lounge, open air bar plus restaurant serving Thai and European ‘street food’. The roof top terrace offers spectacular view on the lake were visitors can sit back and take in all the action.

Phuket Wake Park is considered by many as the ultimate complex for sporting activities as well as for leisure, fun and entertainment. Plus it is located in an to reach area in the middle of the island.

Rates start from TBH 900 for two hours or TBH 1,200 for four hours, or TBH 1,500 for a full day, including rental of a wake board, helmet and life jacket. Discounted rates are available for early morning or evening sessions. Memberships are also available on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis, starting at TBH 4,900 for one week.

As mentioned the park accommodates all skill levels and lessons are available and recommended for first time users. In addition to a shop where equipment is available for rent or purchase, Phuket Wake Park has also built 26 rooms available for rent, with prices starting at TBH 1,190 per night for a standard room.

There is also fitness zone with the latest state-of-the-art professional training equipment. All these facilities along with helpful and amicable staff help visitors have a safe and enjoyable time when visiting Phuket Wake Park.

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