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Kan Eang@pier

Kan Eang@pier

Dining Out

Kan Eang@pier, one of the best Phuket Seafood restaurants, is located right by Chalong’s Pier in Phuket. Serving predominantly seafood dishes with a light Chinese influence, this eatery has been a Phuket dining icon since first opening its doors in 1977.

In English ‘Kan eang’ roughly translates as ‘easy going’ and this remains largely true to this day. It is a massive restaurant with multiple service areas and kitchens, serving hundreds of hungry diners on a daily basis. Even sop the atmosphere at Kan Eang@pier is still laid back and relaxed.

It delivers in style with the choice of dining outdoors, in fan-cooled comfort, or in an air-conditioned banquet area.

Tucked into a few hundred square metres of seafront property, the restaurant is large enough to handle up to 500 people. However, it still manages to offer some quite spots through the clever use of outdoors and indoors décor.
Al fresco diners can enjoy the sea breeze and unbeatable view under huge tamarind trees which, to the owner’s credit, have been untouched since long before Kan Eang@pier opened.

For indoor dining there are three tastefully decorated air-conditioned salas as well as two open-sided dining salas – each with a thatched roof.

Aside from its lovely seaside atmosphere and classy design, what keeps locals and tourists coming back is the quality and range of cuisine. The core is of course Thai seafood and authentic local dishes from around the country, but only touches on the menu diversity.

An extensive selection of unbelievably fresh fish makes this restaurant a must visit dining destination. The seafood basket is also highly recommended and consists of grilled tiger prawn, whole fish, squid and blue crab.

Flip through the menu and to also find a surprising selection of Japanese food. It includes sushi, sashimi,
tempura, and more all made from the freshest ingredients possible. Elsewhere you’ll see easy western choices such as sandwiches, and the superb @pier pizza with minced prawn and minced pork that is actually severed as an open spring roll sheet.

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Jul 2019
Jul 2019


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