Bubu Collection

Bubu Collection


BuBu Collection is a Phuket art gallery that features a delightful, colourful, humorous account of the creation of an unique luxury Swiss art piece, from it’s initial inspiration to the point of sale, with a peek at the colouring and printing processes along the way.

The creative studio – that vital incubator of talent – and last but not least the actors who escort each art piece on it’s great adventure.

Founder and creative mind of BuBu Collection is the Swiss Artist and Designer Oliver `BuBu` Schibli..

Oliver BuBu Schibli – Biography

I am a self-taught artist who began to paint in his early years in school. During this time and until 2012 he never showed his work to the public. After his early experiments in painting and art he decides to do a 4 year apprenticeship as a sign maker and went to the visual school of art in Bern Switzerland. There he learned all the technique with writing with feathers, work with gold leaf, the color gauge, screen printing and all the other important aspects of creating. That was a very important part of learning the basics of the materials, techniques and possibilities. After this important part came a dark period in his life, after his mother did suicide, he went threw a 10 years of creative blockades and trying to forget. In this period, he actually creates not a lot of pieces, but with the age of 30 he started again thinking and creating serious art. Always with a normal job in the office during the day, he worked in the evenings and every free minute and get more and more sure what he wants. He wants to be one of the most successful artists in the world.

With this goal in mind, he made a life changing decision in March 2014 to become a full time artist. This has given him the opportunity to find his unique style. In this year he left Switzerland to work in Asia away from every deflection in Zurich and had his own Art Gallery in Thailand for 1 year. During this time he works almost every day 15 hours on his technique and ideas and experimented a lot. He also started to produce different accessories with his art on it and created his own Art brand. That was the born of BUBU Collection.

After this time in Asia and lots of hours of experimenting and learn a lot about the production process he decided to go back to Switzerland and get his art career to another level.

Oliver BuBu Schibli – Artist Statement

Painting is a personal journey to know myself and I am currently at the beginning of that journey. I’m inspired by my passion for nature, travel and music. In my work I travel between islands, forests, cultures, colours, tunes and create artworks that reflect this; it can be just the colours from a leaf on a tree or a track from Sade or Mozart.

My work range is from paintings, furniture, murals to art lights (mannequin-lamps). In my figures I uniquely capture emotional states, creating a gallery filled with dreams and passions. My paintings are full of harmony and colour but also maintain a chic-chaos with my unique Lifelines. These Lifelines show how complicated life can be, but also that there is always a way if you want.

Each of these Lifelines are created spontaneously and are always based on an ‘in the moment’ decision that dictates the direction and which element comes next. Exactly like in life when every decision you make brings you to another point where the next decision waits of you.

Colour transmits the soul of my work and adds more sense to the themes that I paint. The use of colour, contrast and also the composition are never left to fate in my paintings, it ́s often very calculated. I love to work with gold leaf because Gold in its physical state, by its very nature, extravagance and is linked to masculine energy and the power of the sun. Optimistic and positive, gold adds richness and warmth to everything with which it is associated – it illuminates and enhances other things around it.

The materials which I work in are gold leaf and acrylic on canvas or directly on furniture or murals. I never stop experimenting. I like to explore different themes, or different styles, always evolving and learning.

For me canvas is a place of meditation and construction, of immersion in the past and projection in the future. I like to move on the border between figures and abstraction and I have boundless faith in clean and bright colours.

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